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In France and across the world, the cooperative model helps men and women provide concrete, innovative and relevant responses to economic, social and environmental change. Cooperatives support today's new lifestyles and are locally involved in energy transition, in sustainable food, as well as in access to housing, health and citizenship education. They also fight against the job insecurity of sole traders with an auto-entrepreneur statute and for a collaborative economy.

Cooperative principles, both universally recognised and guarantors of fundamental values are at the heart of cooperatives' action.

For the 70th anniversary of the Law of 10 September 1947 that defines the cooperative statute, Coop FR will host an event to present cooperative initiatives in tune with the times, explore their advantages to foster their development and open a discussion about a more cooperative society.

For those who can not attend, we invite you to go to the live blog to follow the event from a distance.
Excerpts, citations and photographs will be published throughout these two days.

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